Social Initiatives

Human Resource Development

MISUMI Group considers the development of management leaders to be an important management issue in addition to business growth. Employees with leadership qualities, such as logic and passion, will gain experience in the field and refine themselves. We are convinced that this process will nurture management leaders.
MISUMI Group has established a variety of training programs for employee development. At the same time, we are actively recruiting outside personnel who have experienced many difficult situations to form a strong management team. The main training programs are as follows.

  • MISUMI Strategy School
    The top management itself serves as the head of the school, which provides training in the perspectives and strategic thinking skills necessary for management leaders.
  • Management Forum
    Management forums are held periodically where participants can interact with senior management at lectures on strategy and high-level discussions on actual management experiences.
  • Presentation of results
    Presentation of results show the contribution to the innovation of MISUMI's business model, with qualifying rounds held in each global region and a global final. In addition, case studies are shared globally and play a significant role as a learning opportunity.
  • Management training
    Training to recognize the role of managers and to acquire the thinking and skills necessary for organizational management.
  • Logical thinking training
    Training to acquire logical thinking skills as a basis for solving business problems.
  • Supporting self-development training
    The company will pay a portion of the course fees for employees who attend and complete external training programs to improve their business abilities and skills.
  • In-house English conversation class
    Native English speaker provides in-house English conversation classes.

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