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Basic Policy on Information Security

MISUMI Group Inc. and its affiliated companies (hereafter referred to as the ” Company”), as a corporate entity aims to act as the “behind the scenes supporter of the manufacturing industry” in Japan and overseas, realizes the importance of information security in carrying out business activities globally; with the aim to properly protect information assets owned or managed by the Company, hereby formulating the Basic Policy on Information Security and strive to elevate information security.


The Company shall properly protect and take preventive measures in an effective manner against leakage, tampering, loss, damage, improper invasion and interference to or against information assets and shall ensure confidentiality (authorized personnel only can read / edit), completeness (information is not altered and remain intact) and functionality (information can be utilized when required) are maintained thereof.


The Company will provide all executives and employees involved in information systems with necessary education on the importance of information assets to raise their awareness level.


The Company will establish a management system to promote information security measures, formulate and implement confidentiality regulations, and continue to carry out improvement activities to maintain quality.


If a situation occurs that violates the rules of confidentiality or there is an indication of such a situation occurring, the Company’s Management will promptly respond to the situation by taking appropriate corrective or preventive measures.

The Company hereby declares that our Executive Officers and employees comply with these policies, laws and regulations regarding information security, Company’s regulation, and aim to be a corporate entity that is trusted by society.

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