Social Initiatives

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Committee Meetings

In accordance with laws and regulations, the Health and Safety Committee meets monthly, and the minutes are available within the company. In addition to sharing information on health and safety issues in daily work and the results of annual stress checks, the committee members discuss topics such as infection prevention measures in the workplace and at home in the event of the spread of COVID-19 under the guidance of industrial physicians. Also, health maintenance during remote work is discussed; by bringing the results back to the workplace, we strive to maintain and improve a healthy and sustainable work environment.

Ensuring Employee Health and Safety in Emergencies

In the event of a sudden natural disaster, such as a typhoon or earthquake, we have a safety confirmation system in place to confirm the safety of our employees. At the same time, confirm physical damage to offices, warehouses, and other facilities, so that we can quickly determine whether or not to continue operations.
In response to the spread of COVID-19, we set up a task force at the Headquarter in February 2020. In addition, by utilizing the same safety confirmation system used in a disaster, we have established a system to monitor the physical condition of employees (including temporary employees) at all global sites on a daily basis since that same month and reports the results to BCP managers at the Headquarter and the Human Resource department.
Moreover, we have established a system shifting to remote work (including temporary employees and outsourced workers) to the extent possible in each country. We distribute masks to employees and their family members according to the spread of infection in each country, share best practices of infection prevention measures among all global sites, provide online health consultation to Japanese employees stationed overseas, and support the purchase of daily necessities; working to ensure health and safety and business continuity globally. In addition, we are committed to providing health and safety measures that include families of our employees, our business partners, neighboring companies, and residents, such as being among the first in Japan to provide inoculation services at workplaces with the COVID-19 vaccine and encourage vaccination.


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