Social Initiatives

Harassment Prevention Policy

Workplace harassment is a socially unacceptable act and behavior that hurts the dignity of employees, deprives the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability, and damages workplace morale as well as obstructs the conduct of company business, by which deteriorates social reputation of the company.
MISUMI Group Inc. clearly states that harassment is prohibited in the Rules of Employment, declaring "Zero Harassment" in the name of the President, and prohibits the following behavior.

  • 1. Harassment related to childcare leave, nursing care leave, etc.
  • 2. Sexual harassment
  • 3. Power harassment

This applies to all employees working at MISUMI Group Inc., including full-time employees, contractual employees, hourly-paid employees, and temporary employees.
We have set up a consultation service counter regarding harassment in the workplace. If we receive a request for consultation, we will confirm the facts promptly and accurately and act to take care of the sufferer and take necessary action concerning the doer. We will also take appropriate countermeasures to prevent recurrence.
In addition, prevention trainings and seminars regarding harassment in the workplace are held globally to prevent harassment.


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