Social Initiatives

Human Rights Policy

  • MISUMI Group companies respect the human rights of executives and employees, realizing and cultivating a safe and friendly work environment for executives and employees.
  • Executives and employees will take the initiative to cooperate in realizing and cultivating a safe and friendly work environment.

Respecting Human Rights

Human rights of individuals will be respected, and discrimination or harassment of people based on race, nationality, gender, religion, creed, birth, age, or physical disability is prohibited.

International Covenants on Human Rights
Equal Employment Opportunity Act
Act for Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Providing a Safe and Friendly Work Environment

Try to provide safe and rewarding work environment to all the executives and employees, both in Japan and overseas, in compliance with the relevant or equivalent laws pertaining to health and safety.

Industrial Safety and Health Act
Labor Standards Act
Labor Union Act
Labor Relations Adjustment Act
Labor Contracts Act

Prevention of Divulgence of Personal Information

Personal Information obtained through the course of business activities, will ONLY be used for the purposes of the business activities. Information disclosure will not take place to any third party without the prior consent of the individual.

Act on the Protection of Personal Information
Related Regulations / In-house Rules
Rules of Employment
Personal Information Handling Rules


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