Corporate Governance

Internal Whistle-Blowing System of MISUMI Group

Whistle Blowing System and Whistleblower Protection

Misumi Group has established Whistle Blowing System called “Misumi Compliance Helpline,” in which the Employees can report or consult illegal or inappropriate and questionable matters and incidents. The system is operated as followings.

    • Helpline desk is set at an external law firm. The report is kept strictly confidential.
    • The Employees globally throughout Misumi Group can report to this helpdesk either in Japanese or English.
    • Whistleblower’s anonymity is strictly protected if he/she wishes.
    • Whistleblowers are guaranteed of no disadvantages due to reporting or using the helpline.
    • Some global key sites also set local helpline desks with local external law firms.
    • These local helpline desks also preserve confidentiality, anonymity, and protection of whistleblowers.

In addition to Misumi Compliance Helpline, HR department has established a consultation desk where the Employees can consult harassment and any other inappropriate behavior in workplace. Those who have reported or consulted to this consultation desk are also guaranteed with anonymity and no disadvantages.

Investigation and Decision on Whistleblowing Case

When a report is made to Misumi Compliance Helpline, local helpline desk, or HR’s consultation desk, HR Department and Legal Department investigate the facts and background with the utmost consideration on anonymity and protection of the whistleblowers.
For important cases, HR Compliance Committee including Representative Director of Misumi Group Inc. decides whether to penalize an employee who is responsible for inappropriate behavior, and/or what penalty should be given based on the investigation. After deciding the penalty, the department which the penalized person belonged to and the fact of the penalty are disclosed internally to secure the transparency of process, however, individual name is not disclosed.


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