A look at MISUMI through Numbers

Net sales

MISUMI Group’s net sales in FY 2022.

Operating income ratio

Operating income ratio in FY 2022.


Including size variations that can be specified to micron-level dimensions, MISUMI boasts a product line up of 80 sextillion items.
This is equivalent to 80 billion times a trillion- a vast number used to represent the number of stars.

Number of items

Product items handled within the online catalog (EC website) is currently expanding domestically and overseas.

Number of customers

Due to the growth of international business, overseas customers are growing sharply, accounting about 60% of the total.

Number of employees

Number of employees as of March 31, 2023.

Overseas sales ratio

Overseas sales ratio which accounted for less than 10% in FY2001, is now more than 53.7%, and continues to grow as a global company.

Number of sites

We are operating a global network of sales offices, logistics sites, manufacturing sites, mainly in Asia, Americas and Europe.

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