Corporate Governance

Code of Conduct

All Executive Officers, and employees of MISUMI Group (hereinafter referred to as “officers and employees”) shall fully understand MISUMI Group's social mission, act fairly and in compliance with this “Code of Conduct” and related supplementary rules, as well as social rules, and shall have clear awareness and responsibility regarding the following matters.

List of Compliance Items

  • 1. For Customers
    • ・Always based on fair dealings, officers and employees shall provide highly original products and services with “quick delivery, high quality, and low cost ”.

    • 1.1 Prohibition of Unfair Transactions
      Officers and employees shall not engage in any conduct which is detrimental to fair competition in the market and in potential violation of applicable laws.
    • 1.2 Prohibition of Misleading Advertisements and False Representations
      Officers and employees shall not make exaggerated or misleading advertisements or false representation with respect to products, service or quality.
    • 1.3 Protection of Customers’ Information
      All customers’ data and information shall be managed properly and in full compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in order to avoid any unlawful or improper disclosure.
    • 1.4 Product Safety
      Taking full care and consideration into product safety alongside quality, price and lead time, throughout the developing and designing phase of the product.
    • 1.5 Prohibition of Cartel and other Illegal or Improper Arrangement
      Do not engage in any discussion or cooperation with competitors that may constitute illegal cartel or bid rigging, or any conduct that may violate applicable competition or anti-trust laws.
  • 2. For Suppliers
    • ・Officers and employees shall select products and services in a reasonable manner from the viewpoint of quality including safety, price, and lead time; always conducting fair dealings with suppliers.

    • 2.1 Prohibition of Improper Payment or Offering
      Do not provide or receive any payment or offering to/from suppliers or vendors for the purpose of receiving or providing improper interests or benefits. Any entertainment and/or gift from suppliers or vendors shall not be accepted unless under reasonable cause based on social courtesy.
    • 2.2 Compliance with Fair Trade Laws
      Do not engage in any conduct prohibited by applicable laws and regulations related to fair trade, including delay in payment to subcontractors.
    • 2.3 Proper Control of Confidential Information
      Confidential data and information shall be properly managed pursuant to applicable laws, company policies, and the terms and conditions of non-disclosure or confidentiality contracts.
  • 3. For Officers and Employees
    • ・MISUMI Group respects the human rights of all officers and employees by cultivating and realizing a safe and comfortable work environment.
    • ・Officers and employees shall take initiatives in cooperating to realize and develop a safe and comfortable work environment.

    • 3.1 Respecting Human Rights
      Do not engage or get involved into any discriminatory conduct or harassment based on race, national origin, gender, religion, creed, age, physical handicap, or any other characteristics.
    • 3.2 Providing a Safe Work Environment
      Officers and employees shall endeavor to provide a safe and comfortable work-environment in full compliance with applicable safety laws and regulations.
    • 3.3 Prevention of Personal Information Leakage
      Personal information shall only be used for the purpose of contemplated business activities and shall not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent of such person.
  • 4. For Business Activities
    • ・Officers and employees shall faithfully carry out their duties in full compliance with laws, regulations, and company rules. Authority bestowed upon them shall not be abused.
    • ・Officers and employees shall follow relevant company rules, as well as instructions of supervisors and management, with respect to the use of company assets, data and information.

    • 4.1 Dedication of Performing Business Activities
      Officers and employees shall dedicate themselves to performing the required business activities in line with expectations and in full compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, this Code, and company policies and rules.
    • 4.2 Appropriate Use and Control of the Company’s Assets
      Company assets shall be appropriately managed and utilized for company business effectively. Company assets may not be used for any purpose other than company business.
    • 4.3 Prohibition of Conflicts of Interest
      Any situation which might interfere with his or her responsibilities to the Company must be avoided, including engaging in business or transaction that competes with MISUMI Group in pursuit of personal interest or interest of a third party.
    • 4.4 Prohibition of Personal or Confidential Information Leakage
      Any personal information of officers and employees or confidential information of the Company shall not be disclosed, nor cause to be disclosed to any third party without prior consent or Company’s permission.
  • 5. For Intellectual Property Rights
    • ・Officers and employees shall protect and then properly maintain intellectual property rights that MISUMI Group possess or are in the process of obtaining.

    • 5.1 Protection and Appropriate Control of Intellectual Property
      Any appropriate inventions developed through company business activities shall be promptly filed and registered. Officers and employees shall not divulge or leak the details or existence of such inventions prior to the filing and registration to any third party. Registered IP rights shall be maintained properly through monitoring, including possible infringement by third parties.
    • 5.2 Prohibition of Infringing Third Party Intellectual Property
      Filings and registrations of existing IP shall be investigated before launching new products and services. Intellectual property of any third party shall not be infringed. One shall use copyrights legitimately pursuant to legal requirements and licensing terms and conditions.
  • 6. For Financial Accounting
    • ・MISUMI Group companies, officers and employees shall carry out accounting and managerial financial control processes in a timely and appropriate manner; in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and company rules.

    • 6.1 Accurate and Timely Processing
      Accounting processes shall be performed appropriately, in full compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, this Code, and company policies. Officers and employees shall submit reports and applications for reimbursement etc., in a timely and accurate manner without any false information.
    • 6.2 Maintaining Records Accuracy
      Officers and employees shall prepare accurate and timely accounting and financial record-keeping of the business activities and maintain the accuracy of company records. Any alterations, unlawful, deletions and/or amendments to company records are strictly prohibited.
    • 6.3 Prohibition of Unlawful or Improper Disclosure of Accounting/Financial Records
      Officers and Employees shall make proper and timely disclosure of financial records in accordance with applicable laws and regulations without making any false statement.
  • 7. For Shareholders and Investors
    • ・MISUMI Group will fulfill its accountability by disclosing corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner, striving to return profits to shareholders by increasing corporate value.
    • ・Officers and employees shall fulfill their duties in a view towards contributing to increasing the corporate value.

    • 7.1 Good Communication with Shareholders and Investors
      Efforts should be made to maintain good communication with the shareholders and investors, carefully listen to their input of the market.
    • 7.2 Appropriate and Timely Disclosure
      Corporate information should be disclosed to stakeholders including shareholders, investors, customers, suppliers and vendors, in a timely and appropriate manner.
    • 7.3 Prohibition of Insider Trading
      Any officer or employee who has access to material information of the company should not engage in buying, selling or trading of any kind in the company’s shares before official announcement or disclosure has been made.
  • 8. For the Community
    • ・MISUMI Group will strive to harmonize with the local community by focusing on business development that respects the local culture, customs, and history.
    • ・Officers and employees shall carry out their duties legally and faithfully, giving due consideration to the environmental impact.
    • ・Any relationship with anti-social forces, groups, and their activities are strictly prohibited and their unjust request if any should be rejected without any compromising.

    • 8.1 Respect Local Culture, Customs and History
      Officers and employees shall recognize and respect the local culture, customs and history of the community and develop the business in harmony therewith.
    • 8.2 Sensitivity and Attention to Environmental Impact
      Business activities should be conducted in full compliance with applicable laws and practices of environmental protection. Should an event with significant environmental impact occurs, appropriate corrective actions need to be taken to minimize the damage as well as conducting a complete investigation. Based on the results of the investigation, the company shall develop and implement preventive actions and make appropriate disclosure.
    • 8.3 Prohibition of Communication and Association with Anti-Social Groups
      Any communication, association with anti-social groups (eg. groups involved in organized crime) or any financial offering is strictly prohibited.
  • 9. For Governmental and Administrative Agencies
    • ・All group companies, officers and employees shall comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations, without making any illegal or improper action towards governmental and administrative bodies in order to obtain favorable treatments pertaining to business activities.
    • ・Officers and employees are prohibited from giving out bribes or money and goods as gifts to Authority officials in return for favors to the company.
      It is also forbidden for our officers and employees to give or receive money and goods to or from business partners during business execution.

    • 9.1 Legal Compliance
      Officers and Employees shall comply with all applicable legal requirements and follow respective procedures with full integrity.
    • 9.2 Prohibition of Bribery
      Offering bribes of any kind, payment or valuables to any government official for the purpose of obtaining benefits or facilitation in connection with business activities are strictly prohibited.
  • 10. For Actual and/or Suspected Violations
    • ・Officers and employees must report actual and/or suspected violations of this Code of Conduct to their supervisors and/or management in an appropriate and timely manner.
    • ・Violation of this Code is deemed as a material breach of relevant work rules and employment contract which will be subject to disciplinary actions. Failure to report intentionally or by gross negligence will also be subject to disciplinary actions.

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