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MISUMI Specified Chemical Substances Summary Table

Misumi specified chemical substances are shown in the "MISUMI Specified Chemical Substances Summary Table“ below.
Listed substances may be revised whenever necessary in light of legal and social requirements.
Reference laws and lists are as follows;

    • (1)Law Concerning the Examination and Regulation of Manufacture, etc. of Chemical Substances:
      Class I specified chemical substances/ Class II specified chemical substances/ monitoring chemical substances
    • (2)Law for Promotion of Chemical Management:
      Class 1 designated chemical substances/ Class 2 designated chemical substances
    • (3)Industrial Safety and Health Law:
      Hazardous substances that should be notified and displayed/ Substances prohibited to manufacturing/ Third Designated Chemicals, etc.
      (Class 1 substances, Class 2 substances, Class 3 substances)/ Existing chemicals for which mutual origins are recognized
    • (4)Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law:
      Appended Table 1/ Appended Table 2/ Appended Table 3
    • (5)The Ozone Layer Protection Law:
      Specific substances/ Substituted substances for specific substances
    • (6)REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2006:
      Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)
    • (7)RoHS directive:
      Restricted substances
    • (8)MISUMI Specified Chemicals
      MISUMI Green Procurement Guidelines Ver.1.5 Appendix Table 1
    • (9)chemSHERPA:
      Specified chemical substances list

    (Supplementary Matters)

  • In case substances in Attached "MISUMI Specified Chemical Substances Summary Table" fall under the exemption items of laws and regulations are excluded. However, if you apply RoHS Directive (EU) for the reason, please report Item and content applied.
  • The control of the RoHS Directive 10 substances shall be applied to the products sold as RoHS compliant products and their parts.
  • For substances with no CAS No. due to substance groups, structural uncertainty, new chemicals, etc., chemSHERPA/SN No. (SN****) or Misumi Original No. (MSM****) indicated instead.
  • The above 8 and 9 are not laws and regulations, but each substance list is referenced.
  • Compliance data on chemSHERPA is not referred to as Target.

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