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This website “misumi.co.jp” (hereinafter “MISUMI’s website”) is operated by MISUMI Group Inc. and MISUMI Corporation (hereinafter “MISUMI”) in accordance with matters outlined below. Please read this carefully before using MISUMI’s website.

Scope of Use

Unless otherwise specifically stated, the content of this website (hereinafter "MISUMI’s content") and the right to post it shall belong to MISUMI.

Users may access MISUMI’s content at their discretion, but use of the information and content thereof for any purpose beyond the clearly permitted lawful scope, or for personal purposes (includes: copying, modification, uploading, posting, transmission, distribution, licensing, selling, publishing, etc.) without the prior approval of MISUMI is prohibited, irrespective of the method or purpose. Use of MISUMI’s content without the prior approval of MISUMI shall be deemed to constitute an infringement of copyright and trademark laws, as well as a violation of portrait rights and privacy.

Use of Trademark Types

All rights regarding trademarks, emblems, logos, trade names, product names (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Trademark types") of MISUMI and/or group companies used on MISUMI’s website belongs to MISUMI. All other Trademark types of other companies used on this website belongs to the respective companies. Use of such Trademark types without permission of their proprietor is strictly prohibited.

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The content of third-party websites to which MISUMI’s website is linked to or linked from (hereinafter "linked websites") is the responsibility of those respective companies, and not the responsibility of MISUMI. Users are asked to use linked websites in accordance with the terms of use posted on those linked websites. MISUMI shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred in relation to the content or use of such linked websites. The fact that MISUMI’s website is linked to third-party websites does not constitute any guarantee as to the products or services of such linked websites, neither does it imply that the information available on those linked websites are guaranteed or approved by MISUMI in any way.

No special procedures are required for linking to MISUMI’s website, but in principle the link destination should be set to the top page.
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When incorporating links, it is not permitted to display MISUMI’s website link within the ‘frame’ of the website where the link originates, as this may mislead the user as to the source of the information and therefore not permitted. Please ensure to have necessary settings in place, so that MISUMI’s website open in a separate window (screen).


MISUMI pay close attention to the information posted on MISUMI’s website from every aspect, but do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, usefulness, safety, etc. of the contents. In addition, MISUMI shall not be held liable for any damage caused by the user having used such information or not, nor being able to use MISUMI’s website.

MISUMI reserves the right to change the information on MISUMI’s website without notice. Also, please note that the operation of this website may be suspended or canceled. MISUMI shall not be held liable for any damages, irrespective of reasons, caused by changing the content, deleting posted content, and not being able to use MISUMI’s website.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Unless otherwise specified, utilization of MISUMI’s website and the interpretation and application of posted information and this Terms of Use shall be in accordance with the laws of Japan. If a dispute arises regarding the use of MISUMI’s website, then the Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive court in the first instance.


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