The website of MISUMI Group Inc. (hereinafter “MISUMI”) provides information only with the objective to proliferate the understanding of business content, management’s policy, management’s plan, financial status and so on, pertaining to MISUMI and affiliated companies. No content is posted to encourage investments thereof. It is requested that decisions regarding investment be conducted at the sole responsibility of the users of this website.

Close attention is paid to the content included on MISUMI’s website, but it is possible that the information provided contains inaccurate statements, inappropriate information (computer errors arising due to tampering by third parties). MISUMI therefore, does not provide any guarantee as to the accuracy, usefulness, or reliability of the content of this website. In addition, please be aware that MISUMI will not be liable for any damages caused as result of errors in content nor liable for any damages caused from downloading, etc.

Content contained on MISUMI's website, other than statements about past or present facts, constitutes plans, future forecasts, strategies are based on currently available information and is therefore subject to risks and uncertainties related to changes in economic conditions, market trends, taxation systems, or other legal or regulatory systems. Accordingly, please be aware that there is a possibility that actual financial results disclosed in the future may differ due to reasons such as these.

It is requested that MISUMI’s website be used only after sufficiently understanding that, with respect to information being disclosed on this website, there may be major delays in the posting of information due to circumstances involving PDF files or other preparations, and all the information disclosed by MISUMI to the Securities Exchange, etc. may not be included on this website and expressions used may differ. Also, please note that the content may be changed without notice.

Last Updated April 1, 2008


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