Sustainability Management

Basic Policy of Sustainability

MISUMI Group has developed a unique business model which encompasses businesses like “FA” and “Die components” with business like “VONA” which distributes a wide range of products from production auxiliary materials to consumables.
Our business is focused on the industrial automation industry. We contribute to eliminating inefficiencies in this industry by helping customers and suppliers eliminate waste of all kinds. In addition, the industrial automation industry has realized automation and labor-saving of various economic activities and is indispensable in contributing to the sustainable development of society. The sustainable development of society creates demand in the industrial sector, creating new opportunities for MISUMI.
By contributing to the establishment of this cycle, the MISUMI Group aims to support the sustainable development of society and industry and achieve sustainable growth for the company itself.

Basic Policy of Sustainability

Our approach to sustainability
We contribute to the development of the industrial automation industry by eliminating inefficiencies in total supply chain and entire business processes from the perspective of “time”. We have built a supply chain that serves more than 300,000 customers globally. We provide "time value" that reduces various wastes and man-hours in the industrial world by realizing "reliable and quick delivery". To continuously improve the value of time, we are constantly evolving and developing our business models, including businesses, products, and services. At the same time, we are working to strengthen our business infrastructure, including production, logistics, and IT, and the establishment of human resources infrastructure to support these business models.

Initiatives to support the sustainable growth of the industrial automation industry
The parts of automation equipment and devices are unique. Creating drawings, quotations, processing, and procuring parts are complicated and require extended delivery times, resulting in highly inefficient work. By standardizing the parts to be manufactured to order for automation equipment and devices, we eliminate the need to create drawings and significantly reduce the time spent on inefficient work for our customers. In addition, by realizing reliable, quick delivery on a global scale, even for a single part, we can reduce unnecessary inventory and eliminate production and operation opportunity losses. Furthermore, by providing digital services linked to 3D CAD, we have reduced the amount of waste and man-hours involved in the procurement process by approximately 90%, reducing energy consumption. We have also contributed to promoting the effective use of resources by eliminating paper drawings.
We will continue to contribute to the sustainable development of society through "time innovation" in the industrial automation industry.

Contributing to the Sustainable Development of Society
Our business development provides added value that reduces resource input and consumption in the industrial automation industry. By fundamentally eliminating all kinds of “waste” for our customers and suppliers, we contribute to accelerating the transition from conventional mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal to a circular economy.
In addition, we are actively adapting to ESG promotion, which is a social demand, and we strive to prevent global warming and other climate changes through our business activities. In addition to our own company, we respect the diversity of cultures, histories, human rights, and human resources in the countries where our customers and suppliers are involved. We will continue to contribute to developing a sustainable society in cooperation with our stakeholders.

Representative Director and Chairman
Kosuke Nishimoto

Representative Director and President
Ryusei Ono

Establishment of the Sustainability Committee

MISUMI Group Inc. has resolved at the Board of Directors meeting to establish a “Sustainability Committee” from October 1, 2021, chaired by the Representative Director and Chairman, the Representative Director and President as Vice-Chairman, to further strengthen its sustainability initiatives.
This Committee formulates the basic sustainability policy of the Company, verifies the management plan and management policy, reports and makes recommendations regarding initiatives that address social issues to the Board of Directors.

To promote ESG management horizontally across the entire Group, the Sustainability Committee, under the supervision of the Board of Directors, appointed officer in charge of sustainability promotion, cooperates with Business Divisions, Business Companies, and Platforms which are the Group‘s executive organizations to monitor ESG-related goal setting, progress, and evaluations, etc. and continue to develop sustainability initiatives.

Establishment of the Sustainability Committee

Status of Sustainability Committee Meetings

Status of Sustainability Committee Meetings

<as of May 2023>

Supporting the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) recommendations

MISUMI Group Inc. declared its support for the TCFD recommendations established by the Financial Stability Board, and its participation in the “TCFD Consortium” organized by companies that support TCFD recommendations.


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