Governance / Compliance

Code of Conduct

All MISUMI Group Executive Officers and employees fully understand MISUMI Group's social mission, acting fairly and in compliance with this “Code of Conduct” and related supplementary rules, as well as social rules, and have clear awareness and responsibility regarding the following matters.

List of Compliance Items

  • 1. For Customers
    • ・Always based on fair dealings, Executive Officers and employees provide highly original products and services that are “quick delivery, high quality, and low cost ”.
  • 2. For Suppliers
    • ・Executives Officers and employees rationally select products and services from the viewpoint of quality including safety, price, and delivery date; always conducting fair dealings with suppliers.
  • 3. For Executive Officers and Employees
    • ・MISUMI Group and affiliated companies respect human rights of Executive Officers and employees, realizing and cultivating a safe and comfortable work environment.
    • ・Executive Officers and employees shall take initiatives in cooperating to realize and develop a safe and comfortable work environment.
  • 4. For Business Activities
    • ・Executive Officers and employees shall faithfully carryout their duties in full compliance with laws, regulations, and the Company's rules. Authority bestowed upon them shall not be mis-appropriated.
    • ・Executive Officers and employees shall follow MISUMI Group and affiliated companies’ regulations and rules, as well as abide by instructions of executives with seniority, with respect to the use of company assets and incidental data loaned from the respective MISUMI Group company.
  • 5. For Intellectual Property Rights
    • ・Executive Officers and employees shall protect and properly maintain intellectual property rights that MISUMI Group and affiliated companies retain or are in the process of retaining.
  • 6. For Financial Accounting
    • ・MISUMI Group companies, Executives Officers and employees shall carry out accounting and managerial financial control processes in a timely and appropriate manner; in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and the Company's rules.
  • 7. For Shareholders and Investors
    • ・MISUMI Group companies will fulfill their accountability by disclosing appropriate corporate information in a timely manner and strive to return profits to shareholders by increasing corporate value.
    • ・Executive Officers and employees always carry out their duties to contribute to the increase of corporate value.
  • 8. For the Community
    • ・MISUMI Group companies will strive to harmonize with the local community by focusing on business development that respects the local culture, customs, and history.
    • ・Executive Officers shall carry out their duties legally and in good faith, giving due consideration to the environmental impact.
    • ・Executive Officers and employees have no relation to anti-social forces, groups, and activities with them, and deal with unjust requests with a resolute attitude without compromising.
  • 9. For Governmental and Administrative Agencies
    • ・MISUMI Group companies, Executive Officers and employees shall comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations, and shall not make illegal or improper actions towards governmental and administrative bodies in order to obtain favorable treatments pertaining to business activities.
  • 10. For Actual and/or Suspected Violations
    • ・Executive Officers and employees must report actual and/ or suspected violations of this Code of Conduct to Executive Officers and employees with seniority in an appropriate and timely manner.

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