Social Contribution Activities

Social Contribution Activities

The MISUMI Group has been involved in a variety of activities contributing to socioeconomic progress, including supporting students who will be shouldering the next generation of manufacturing.

Sponsoring of a biped robot battle tournament “ROBO-ONE”

Through the sponsoring of “ROBO-ONE” since 2016 that is a biped robot battle tournament, MISUMI Group Inc. is supporting manufacturing passion of students studying engineering and corporate engineers.
We presented “the MISUMI Award” to three robots that enthralled spectators with their superior design and dynamic movements.

Scene from ROBO-ONE competition
Scene from ROBO-ONE competition

Summary of a biped robot battle tournament “ROBO-ONE”

ROBO-ONE (hosted by the Biped Robot Association of Japan) is a biped robot battle tournament that has been held since 2002. The objective of the tournament is to improve manufacturing technologies and increase the popularity of biped robots.

The robots throw punches and employs throwing techniques to defeat their opponents. Each contestant competes in a three-minute round to see who has the toughest biped robot. The first contestant to score three knockdowns wins the match.

“MISUMI presents the 32st ROBO-ONE” was held on February 24rd and 25th, 2018 at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation at Odaiba . 256 robots entered this tournament, an all-time record.

Scene from ROBO-ONE competition

Scene from ROBO-ONE competition

Student Manufacturing Support

What is Student Manufacturing Support?

Since 2008, the MISUMI Group has been supporting student groups (approximately 1,300) that have participated in contests with self-made automobiles or robots. We cast a wide net for interested participants, from universities to community colleges, technical schools, vocational schools and high schools, and provide MISUMI FA mechanical components to select groups based on the motivation and interest expressed in manufacturing and contests.

Following 2016 and 2017, we provided support to more than 200 student groups. The students are able to actually flip through MISUMI’s catalogs, with its abundant product lineup, and order components using MISUMI-VONA, the same website used by professional designers to order components from MISUMI. We look forward to continuing to be actively involved in helping students who will grow to be important talent working in the manufacturing industry.

The MISUMI Group’s Support by Providing Components

We provide mechanical components, wiring components, control components and PC components for devices (vehicles, robots, etc.) that are to be produced.

The MISUMI Group’s Support by Providing ComponentsThe MISUMI Group’s Support by Providing Components

Some of the Groups We Supported in FY2015

Kanagawa University KURAFT

School and team name:Kanagawa University KURAFT
Competitions:13th Student Formula Japan (EV Class)
Sponsored MISUMI components:Metal plates and Sprockets

“Even minute size changes can be made, so it was extremely useful for manufacturing cars for the Student Formula, which cannot be completed with existing products alone. Also, images on how the products can be used are provided in the catalogs, making it easy for us to figure out how to use the products and smoothly engineer the car, even though we lack specific knowledge.”

Kyushu University PLANET-Q

School and team name:Kyushu University PLANET-Q
Competitions:Tanegashima Rocket Contest
Sponsored MISUMI components:Aluminum frame and Ultra-low head bolts

“MISUMI was very helpful because it handles a wide variety of products from couplings used to produce jigs and components that transmit the power of the motor, such as bearings and shafts, to screws that fasten components and products that can be used in the framework to support the rocket. Thanks to the high-quality components, we were able to improve the quality of our end-product.”

Supporting Exhibitions with the MISUMI Art Collection

Exhibit at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

The MISUMI Group has lent works from the MISUMI Art Collection 22 times under special arrangements with galleries holding contemporary American art exhibitions. The MISUMI Art Collection focuses on contemporary American art, and is acclaimed as farsighted and distinctive corporate art. Proponents of American contemporary art eschewed European influences to freely pursue the potential of art. That spirit coincides with the MISUMI Group’s corporate philosophy of constantly pursuing innovation. Moving forward, we plan to circulate artworks on loan in response to demand from museums in other areas as well.
※Exhibit at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (2002)


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