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Biography of Senior Chairman / Second-Era Founder

Tadashi Saegusa

Senior Chairman / Second-Era Founder

Tadashi Saegusa


Graduated from Hitotsubashi University, with a degree in Economics, in 1967. Following a stint working for Mitsui Petrochemicals Industries, he became the first consultant hired by Boston Consulting Group in Japan. After obtaining an MBA from Stanford University; while he was in his 30s he was engaged in turning around unprofitable companies and managed a venture capital firms as President. Since his 40s, he spent 16 years supporting the rehabilitation of many companies undergoing downturns as “Business Turnaround Specialist”. He became President and CEO of MISUMI (currently MISUMI Group Inc.) in 2002. He is also a visiting professor at Hitotsubashi University Graduate School. He has written several books including Strategic Professionals, Management Power in Crisis, Transforming a Company, Management of the V-Shaped Recovery, and others.

January 1986 Representative Director of the Board, Saegusa International Co., Ltd.
June 2001 Director of the Board, MISUMI Group Inc.
June 2002 Representative Director, President and CEO, MISUMI Group Inc.
October 2008 Representative Director, Chairman and CEO, MISUMI Group Inc.
June 2014 Director, Chairman of the Board, MISUMI Group Inc.
April 2018 Senior Chairman / Second-Era Founder (current position)

Principal managerial achievements

  • Appointed as President and CEO in 2002. Pursued management reforms and as a result, achieved a six fold increase in sales of over Yen 300 Billion.
  • Employee numbers increased 32 fold from 340 people (prior to appointment as CEO) to over 10,000 people globally.

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