Governance Compliance

Basic Policy on Information Security

MISUMI Group Inc. (the 'Company', and it shall include all its subsidiaries and affiliates both in Japan and overseas, unless otherwise the context expressly means.) hereby ordains and then maintains this basic policy on information security (the 'Basic Policy'), as the 'Behind-the Scene Supporter for Manufacturers World-Wide', while it recognizes critical importance of information security when it develops its business activities, for purposes of appropriately preserving its information assets (the 'Information Assets') and keeping away various threats from outside.

  • 1. The Company shall properly and appropriately protective and preventive actions in an effective manner against divulgence, leakage, forgery, loss, damage, improper invasion and interference to or against the Information Assets and shall then keep and maintain confidentiality, completeness and functionality thereof.
  • 2. The Company shall extend to its officers and employees (the 'Officers and Employees') necessary trainings and education to make sure of the importance of the Information Assets.
  • 3. The Company shall establish its control system for development and furtherance of the information security and shall then maintain and improve its quality of the system by way of policies making and their implementation.
  • 4. The Company shall have its management make a hands-on solution and shall properly and appropriately extend corrective and preventive actions in an immediate manner, when and where there happens any violation of this Basic Policy or its questionably potential violations.

The Company does hereby declare that the Officers and Employees shall comply with all the relevant laws, regulations and polices and guidelines of the Company to pursue and obtain reliability from the community as well as customers.

April, 21, 2008


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