The MISUMI Group engages in both the manufacturing and distribution business. These are supported by our business foundation.

Manufacturing businessManufacturing business

2 operating business segments fall under Factory Automation (FA) and Die & Mold. The FA business deals with standardized parts for automation machines. The Die and mold business handles parts for the automobile sector as well as electronics and electrical equipment sector.

Innovation of customer's parts procurement by standardizing parts and posting in catalog.

The MISUMI Group’s e-catalog and paper catalogs are devised so that customers simply enter a part number and dimensions to place an order. Traditionally, customers had to drawup blueprints for each part/component; select and order the respective part(s)from a wide array of parts manufacturers. Delivery and prices had to also be negotiated individually, thus, the overall process used to be extremely cumbersome and inefficient.

MISUMI has significantly alleviated inefficiencies in parts procurement by offering to sell standardized through catalog offerings.

Facilitation of low costs, and reliably quick deliveries by utilization of semi-finished products.

The key to supply ample product variations in a reliable and quick delivery fashion, whilst minimizing stock, lie in "semi-finished products"

Half finished parts referred to as "semi-finished parts" are mass produced at large scale factories. Final processing touches are made in the country where parts will actually be used, as per the customer's request. This enables reliable, quick delivery to be achieved at low cost.

Distribution business (VONA business)Distribution business (VONA business)

The VONA Business, MISUMI’s distribution business, furnishes customers with a wide range of products. In addition to our traditional lineup of die and mold components and FA manufacturing equipment components, we are also expanding our lineup of third-party brand products, which include production auxiliary materials and expendable supplies used at manufacturing sites, such as tools, gloves, and cleaners for parts.

※VONA:Variation & One-stop by New Alliance

Elimination of multi-step distribution and one-stop purchasing

Up to now, procurement of production materials at production sites in Japan was costly lengthy delivery time. This was due to multi-step distributions going through multiple wholesalers different commercial flow required for each product.

Under such circumstances, there was a need for customers who wanted to efficiently procure various production materials used at production sites on a one-stop basis and the needs of suppliers who wanted to expand their sales channels beyond their own sales network.

So MISUMI launched the VONA business from 2010 as a platform to connect customers and suppliers. By eliminating traditional multistage distribution by constructing a network by direct transaction with suppliers. Customers can realize efficient production procurement with one stop, low cost and quick delivery.

Number of suppliers :3,324
Number of items handled :20,7million

Third-party manufacturers' products handled surpassed 3,000 companies. Products exceed 20.7 million items. In addition to increasing the number of third-party manufacturered products, thereby enhancing product line up, this initiative is carriedout globally, so that our customers will be able to procure production materials worldwide reliably and delivered quickly.

Business foundationBusiness foundation

IT foundation

Strengthen EC site "MISUMI-VONA"

Many customers have commended us for the convenience of online ordering, and as a result, 85% of the orders we receive from customers in Japan are via electronic means at present.

The strengthening of the IT infrastructure will encompass further improving customer convenience by honing our e-commerce infrastructure, which is one of our strengths, and addressing the different order format issues depending on the country by using a next-generation search engine, which is backed by a No.1 global database of indirect production materials.

※VONA:Variation & One-stop by New Alliance

Digital manufacturing

MISUMI EC platform continues to evolve

The MISUMI Group is positioning CAD, which is used by design engineers, as the third medium following paper and e-catalogs. RAPiD Design is a service we offer which comprises various applications to speed up the designing process. In addition, we are offering meviy, a service to further shorten the time it takes to procure parts.

Introduction of meviy

Just upload the 3D CAD data
Just upload the 3D CAD data
Immediately display quotation results
Immediately display quotation results

This tool, the first of its kind in the world, when parts are selected, is capable of creating an estimate automatically in accordance with the 3D design data. In manufacturing, products are being designed in 3D using CAD. In the past, when requesting an estimate for parts production, a 2D blueprint had to be created, resulting in poor efficiency. Meviy contributes to a considerable reduction in procurement time as customers can receive an immediate estimate for the parts they need by merely uploading their 3D blueprints.

Global Network

Since fiscal 2002, the MISUMI group started full-fledged global expansion. In order to establish the MISUMI QCT model overseas, we have strengthened our international operations by developing sales offices, production sites and distribution centers trilaterally.

At present, we are operating a global network with 63 sales offices, 17 logistics centers, and 23 manufacturing sites, mainly in Asia, the Americas and Europe. We now provide our products to 260 thousand customers and we are growing as a global company.

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MISUMI's value proposition
A look at Misumi

An assortment of 20.7 million items sourced from 3,324 manufacturers. Free shipping from a single item. An E-Commerce website where with just a single click of the mouse button, products required at manufacturing sites, ranging from mechanical, electrical, tools and consumables can be purchased and delivered.

E-Commerce website of each respective Sales Area