MISUMI's Business

MISUMI Group possess both manufacturing and distribution businesses, which are supported by the business foundation.

Manufacturing businessManufacturing business

Two business segments are being developed: Factory Automation (FA) business handles standardized parts for automated machinery, and the Die Components business handles die and mold parts for automobiles, electronic and electrical equipment, and so on.

Standardization of parts and catalog listing brought about innovation to customers’ parts procurement process

With MISUMI's online catalog and paper catalogs, products can be ordered simply by specifying the part number and dimensions. In the past, customers had to draw up blueprints for each part, select and order the respective parts from a wide array of parts manufacturers, negotiating delivery dates and prices individually, which was an inefficient process.

By standardizing precision machine parts and through catalog listing, MISUMI dramatically eliminated inefficiencies in parts procurement.

Realization of low cost and reliable quick delivery through the application of "semi-finished products"

The key to ensuring abundant product variations of 80 sextillion (80 billion times 1 trillion) shipped by way of reliable quick delivery, while minimizing inventory, lie in "semi-finished products".

"Semi-finished products", which are semi-completed parts, are mass-produced in large-scale factories. Final processing touches as per the customer’s order is made at the place of consumption, thereby realizing low cost and reliable quick delivery.

Distribution business (VONA business)Distribution business (VONA business)

In addition to FA equipment parts and Die Components that MISUMI has handled conventionally, the VONA business provides customers with products such as tools, gloves, parts cleaners and other production auxiliary materials and consumables used at the manufacturing sites, including other companies’ brand products.

※VONA:Variation & One-stop by New Alliance

Elimination of multi-tiered distribution and one-stop purchasing

Up until now, procurement of production materials at manufacturing sites in Japan was costly and delivery times lengthy, due to each product having different distribution channels, as well as multi-tiered distribution which involved multiple wholesalers.

Amid this backdrop, there were customers’ needs to efficiently procure various production materials used at manufacturing sites in a one-stop shop basis, and suppliers’ needs to expand sales channels beyond its own sales network.

So, MISUMI launched the VONA business in 2010, as a platform connecting customers and suppliers. By establishing a network that enables direct transaction with the suppliers, the conventional multi-tiered distribution was dissolved. Customers can now realize procurement of production materials efficiently in a one-stop shop basis that is low cost and reliable quick delivery.

Number of product items handled: exceeds 30 million

Products handled exceed over 30 million items, including those of other manufacturers. Going forward, in addition to expanding the number of third-party manufacturers and bolstering the product lineup, by proceeding with global development, streamlining the system allowing customers to procure production materials around the globe by way of reliable quick delivery.

Business foundationBusiness foundation

Fortification of the EC website

Many customers have appraised the convenience of the online catalog (EC website), and ordering via electronic means has currently reached over 90% in Japan.

Going forward, we will continue to improve searchability based on the global No.1 production materials database, customizing screen designs and functions adapted to the varying business practices from country to country; striving to further improve customer convenience. Screen designs and functions adapted to the varying business practices from country to country; striving to further improve customer convenience.

※VONA:Variation & One-stop by New Alliance

Digital manufacturing

Further advancement of MISUMI’s EC platform

Positioning CAD used by equipment designers as the third medium pursuant to paper catalogs and the online catalog, software application services- "RAPiD Design" which helps speed up the design process, and an innovative manufacturing platform “meviy”, which enables automatic selection and quotation of parts automatically using 3D CAD data, are being provided.

Introduction of meviy

Just upload the 3D CAD data
Simply upload 3D CAD data
Immediately display quotation results
Quotations are displayed instantly

In the past, even when designing using 3D CAD, inefficiencies still existed as preparation of 2D blueprints were required just to obtain a quote. With "meviy", it’s possible to receive a quotation instantly by simply uploading the 3D CAD onto the website, thereby contributing to significant reduction in time required for quote and order placement.

Global Network

Since FY2002, we have started a full-scale international expansion. In order to establish the MISUMI Q (high Quality) C (low Cost) T (reliable quick delivery Time) (business) model overseas, we are expanding our sales offices, manufacturing sites, and logistics sites as a complete ‘set’ to strengthen our international business.

Currently, we have a global network of 62 sales offices, 18 logistics sites, and 22 manufacturing sites, mainly in Asia, North America, and Europe. Of the 330,000 customers worldwide, over 60% comprise overseas customers, growing into global company.

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