Environment-Conscious Products

Interest in reducing the environmental load is increasing globally, and the MISUMI Group is also experiencing a stronger interest on the part of our customers in environment-conscious products. One example of our response to such customer needs is our non-halogen-type cable (electrical wiring). Non-halogen-type cable does not produce harmful halogen gases even when the cable is incinerated upon disposal, and its use is expected to grow in the future. We currently carry not only the MISUMI brand product, but also VONA products, so our selection continues to expand.

The MISUMI Group will continue to make efforts to expand its product lineup as the use of environment-conscious products become more popular.

Environment-Friendly Products (examples) : Non-halogen-type cable (electrical wiring)
Environment-Friendly Products (examples) : Non-halogen-type cable (electrical wiring)

Managing Environmental Chemical Substances

Controls over environmental chemical substances are tightening each year under the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) in Europe and similar directives in China, as well as REACH in Europe. The MISUMI Group recognizes that compliance with RoHS is an important factor in a customer’s product selection and is responding accordingly in the marketplace. As such, the MISUMI Group has been testing product contents on the basis of RoHS and REACH, and discloses RoHS directive compliance in our catalogs and on our website.

Single Axis Unit (FA Businesses)
Single Axis Unit (FA Businesses)

Green Procurement Guidelines

MISUMI has formulated Green Procurement Guidelines to observe the legal restrictions and other requirements concerning environmental chemicals and to help build up a recycling society, and we are advancing green procurement activities. By preparing Green Procurement Guidelines and continuously striving to improve our environmental preservation and environmental chemicals management activities, we seek to eliminate environmental chemicals from our products. We ask our customers and business partners for their cooperation with these efforts.

Green Procurement Guidelines
MISUMI Specified Chemical Substances Summary Table

Environmental ISO Activities

Environmental ISO Activities

MISUMI Group businesses range from the machinery-related businesses, with core operations in standard factory automation and press die components etc., all geared to the customer's viewpoint in the planning and procurement of products and services.

MISUMI Group Inc. and its operating companies environmental efforts are based on the following three policies.

  1. Reduce environmental load and prevent pollution in business activities
  2. Comply with environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements
  3. Regularly review environmental targets and continuously improve on them

* Our activities comply with ISO 14001: 2015

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October 1, 2016

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Inquiries about environmental chemicals

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