Four (4) MISUMI Concepts
- For Achieving the Corporate Mission -
Concept 1:MISUMI Business Model Excellence

'Behind-the Scene Supporter for Manufactures World-Wide'+'Readiness to Deliver Even One Piece in Short-Term & Just-in-Time'

Concept 2:MISUMI Organizational Leadership Excellence

'Energized Employee Resources'+'Management Strategic Alignment'

Concept 3:MISUMI Management Strategic Excellence


Concept 4:MISUMI Business Operational Excellence

'It is all about TIME' - 'QCT Innovator'

<Note>: This is an English translation of the original Japanese draft ('MISUMI Group No Shakaiteki Shimei To MISUMI Konseputo' in Japanese) with its 1st version dated April 21, 2008. Should there happens to be any gap or in conflict between this translation and the original, the original Japanese shall prevail.